This works the customization of weapons and classes in Mass Effect Andromeda


With Mass Effect Andromeda 13 days after its departure, there are few things that remain unannounced by Bioware. We have known for some months that the classes would be open, that is: we will not choose one at the beginning of the game and we will stay there without possibility of change.

But also, thanks to the introductory videos to the Andromeda Initiative, we know perfectly how the weapons will be personalized and how the different abilities will work. The complete pack is promised very interesting, giving the player a lot of freedom and the ability to start over if he has gotten an undesirable mix.

Customizable weapons

According to the introduction video, the Initiative carries few weapons because there is not much space. In return, they are enormously customizable so we can play with the resources we have and get very different weapons from each other, even if they are the same. However, throughout the game we will get more weapons that we can also customize.

We will have four types of firearms: guns, shotguns, assault rifles and sniper rifles. We lost the submachine guns, which worked so well in Mass Effect 3, but in return we won several melee weapons. In addition to having the biotic blade, a classic, we have a sword with air to katana (surely the favorite of many) of command asari, and a hammer krogan.

Each weapon can be customized with accessories, but unlike other Mass Effect. We can add types of ammunition (more than before) or grenade launchers. Instead of the classic menu to activate during the combat different ammunition, now we will create much more personalized profiles and that also we will be able to change in combat.

Unlimited and with open classes

On the other hand, something that will greatly enrich the game and exponentially increase the replayability is that there are no closed classes. We do not have to choose one at the beginning of the game and we can go buying skills from different branches. However, as we advance buying skills we will have access to those profiles of classes, but it will be our own future that leads us to it.

According to the developers, it is not unreasonable to get skill points for all abilities and create a supreme character, however, it would take a difficult amount of time to calculate. We can also spend a number of credits in redistributing all our skill points, as we may not like the way we have taken, or we want to try different things.

The 5 best tricks for SimCity BuildIt, the best simulator for building cities.

SimCity BuildIt Tips

None of the building simulators on the market can be compared to the predecessor and parent of all. In this game you are the mayor of your metropolis and responsible for making sure that your city flourishes and its citizens are happy. The SimCity Simulator has existed since 1989.

Several versions and by-products (spin-offs) have continued the legacy that introduced the franchise for several generations of players. SimCity BuildIT is another byproduct of the popular game series from Electronic Arts that lets you completely control a whole city.

Unlike other deliveries for PCs and consoles, this game was created specifically for iOS and Android devices. Take your metropolis with you, wherever you go. Although the overall goal of the simulator remains the same, its gameplay has been adapted for mobile devices.

In SimCity BuildIT, you’re the mayor of a giant metropolis. Well, you will be if you act wisely. At the beginning of this game for mobile devices, there is a giant, empty map waiting to be covered with buildings. You can create different types of zones: industrial, residential and commercial. Carefully choose how big each area is so that there is a balance and you can establish a city that thrives. A city is only successful if its citizens are happy.

Read also: The possibilities of the online game for Linux. Make sure your wishes are met and that you take care of your needs properly. Who would want to live next to a factory or a landfill? However, both are essential for a growing city. Monuments, parks and museums will give your metropolis a special look and will make your citizens happier!

This game is a “version” inspired by the well-known SimCity that came out for PC enough years ago.

As many readers know we can download free AppStore and Google Play although we can make purchases within the game itself to get improvements or products, or simply to progress faster.

These tricks I use daily, and they work, so here they go, be attentive mayors:

1. When building the houses at the beginning of the game, follow a regular and compact structure. A structure that works for me is to draw an area of 8×8: 4 houses in vertical and 4 horizontal, with a park, a fire station, a police and a hospital in the center.

Concentrate on building blocks of houses completely, instead of scattering new homes across the available map area. They will save to spend objects to extend the land that they really will not need, and also in services of firemen, policemen and hospitals.

Following this structure, it is easy to have the population to 100% happiness.

2. If you want to save “Simoleones”, one option is to sell products that you do not need or that are in excess in the international market: the products needed to expand the land, or those needed to expand the warehouse are the most sought after. But keep in mind that these products can not manufacture them, so it is better to sell products that can make you; Pizzas, hamburgers, etc …

3. Another option to win “Simoleones” is to buy cheap and sell expensive. In the market you can find products at a reduced price that can be resold at a maximum price. This also applies to the products you can buy from the city of “Daniel” as it sells them below their maximum price.

4. Another option to save many “Simoleones” is not to improve the roads. It really is not necessary for the running of the game. As soon as they have a red road due to traffic, they can destroy the road and rebuild it again by using this simcity buildit cheats tool and the traffic alert will disappear.

5. If they have two tablets (or a mobile and a tablet), they can have two games with a different city in each of the devices, and can be made friends with each other among the mayors of each city. In this way, they will have advantages when selling and buying products between the two cities.

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The Free PlayStation Move – Tech Details

The PlayStation Move is, despite only released just lately, is already designed for clear of many websites and stores either as the bare device of as a lot of money package.

About the PlayStation Move

The PlayStation Move is a motion-sensing game controller system produced by Sony Computer Entertainment for use with the Ps3 3 video game system. Designed to contend with the NINTENDO WII GAMING CONSOLE and the Microsoft Xbox Kinect (officially Project Natal), the PS3 Move is a wire free handheld controller using interior motion sensors with the PlayStation Eyes camera to trail the players position in the area. Furthermore to the key action controller, a supplementary navigation controller and a charging stop is also available.

Despite being new technology, the Move is currently designed for free either alone or with console pack deals.

PlayStation Move Hardware Details

The Move system uses the prevailing PS3 Bluetooth 2.0 cellular radio communication employed by the traditional Sixaxis and DualShock 3 cellular controllers. Both standard PlayStation Move controller as well as the PlayStation Move navigation controller use internal lithium-ion batteries that are charged by using a USB Mini-B port included in the controller. The PS3 gaming system and software have the ability to support up to four Move controllers simultaneously, with the same mixture of navigation and action controllers being permissible.

PlayStation Move Movement Controller

The primary element of PlayStation Move, the PlayStation Move movement controller is a wand controller that allows an individual to connect to the Ps3 3 through movement and position before the PlayStation Eyes web cam. The orb or sphere at the top of the controller is made up of LED’s that let it glow in a complete selection of colors. These colors permit the controller to be observed and monitored by the cam. The sphere can be employed by the console to look for the distance the controller is from the webcam thus allowing the PS3 to discover a full selection of 3D movements.

A three-axis linear accelerometer and a three-axis angular rate sensor included in the action controller permit the system to observe rotational actions as well as overall movement. A magnetometer is also included in these devices and is employed to calibrate the controller’s orientation with the Earth’s magnetic field to be able to act as the against the correctness of the onboard detectors.

When the movement controller looses type of sight connection with the web cam (such as when it’s blocked by other folks in the area), the inner sensors can quickly dominate and relay information to the system so the located area of the controller can be determined by the program.

The physical control keys on the road motion controller contain a huge ovoid key button,a PS button, the typical PlayStation keys (Triangle, Circle, Mix, and Square), a Select and begin button (on the departed and right side edges respectively), whilst an analogue result in is situated on the lower of the machine. Other connectors and features are the USB dock, an extension slot and a wrist strap connection point.

Feedback provided by the action controller will come in the proper execution of vibration, similar compared to that in the typical DualShock controllers, whilst the light sphere can be utilized for visual opinions with hthe color changing to match in game situations.

All processing help the PlayStation Move is conducted using the PS3’s existing Cell cpu. Whilst the experience of coping with the Move software shall take up a few of the games consoles resources, there continues to be apt to be a great deal of capacity left to perform the latest game titles.

PlayStation Move Navigation Controller

The navigation controller (originally called the PlayStation Move sub-controller) is a one-handed controller made to be used with the motion controller using games, in the same way to the Wii Nunchuk. Usually for use with game titles where both of your hands are necessary for control, the PS3 navigation control replicates the kept side of a typical PlayStation controller possesses a still left analog keep (with L3 button), a D-pad, the L1 and L2 sets off, the Mix and Circle control keys, as well as the PS button. In video games that require the excess controller, a standard Sixaxis or DualShock 3 can be used of the navigation controller instead, although simplicity might be jeopardized because of the mass of the typical device.

PlayStation 4 Pro Specifications – better GPU / CPU

The PS4 Pro is more powerful than its predecessor. PlayStation 4 Pro specifications provide a console that can handle 4K resolution, coupled with virtual reality (VR PlayStation came out on October 15). The PS4 Pro also supports HDR TV, a new television technique that better reflects colors and contrasts. The table below is a summary of the most important PS4 Pro specifications. Want to see more PlayStation 4 Pro specifications, please visit this PS4 Pro specifications page on ps4giveaway.

Larger HD, better GPU / CPU

One of the many hardware upgrades in the PS4 Pro’s internal hard drive. The PlayStation 4 had a hard drive of 500 GB, but the PlayStation 4 Pro comes standard with a 1TB hard drive. In addition, the GPU has doubled in strength. This allows the PS4 Pro resolutions that were not previously possible. The clock speed of the CPU is also increased significantly, from 1.6 Ghz to 2.1 Ghz. Unfortunately, Sony’s Pro console does not have a 4K Blu-ray drive, but you can not expect for this price.

Dimensions: the PS4 Pro is slightly larger and heavier

The dimensions of the PS4 Pro have also changed with respect to the PS4 (Slim). This is due to the improved working GPU / CPU, which at higher speeds, and thus are warmer. Because of this they must be cooled more than was previously the case.

The result is a (slightly) larger PS4. The original PlayStation 4 was 27.5 x 30.5 x 5.3 cm and the dimensions of the PS4 Pro amounts 29,5 x 32,7 x 5,5 cm. The PS4 Pro is slightly longer (2.0 cm), slightly wider (2.2 cm) and a little bit higher (0.2 cm). The PS4 Pro is also heavier than the PS4 2013: 3.3 kg compared to 2.8 kg for the old PS4.

Apple would be in full negotiation with India to produce out there!

According to the Wall Street Journal (via Reuters), Apple is in talks with India to explore the possibility of assembling products in this country. These negotiations come at a time when Prime Minister Narendra Modi is trying to boost his “Make in India” initiative and where Apple seeks to invest more in the world’s second largest mobile market. Last June, Modi ordered his government to exempt foreign merchants from tax for three years, while demanding to recover 30% of the goods that were sold in their stores. According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple sent a letter to the Indian government last month describing its manufacturing plans and asking the latter to offer financial facilities. Apple and representatives of the Indian state have not yet commented on it. However, in September 2015, Apple boss Tim Cook met with Indian Prime Minister Modi to discuss a number of topics and Cook would have responded positively to Modi’s invitation to open a factory in India. Foxconn previously reported that he was looking to have the opportunity to expand in India to produce iPhone and iPad.

Apple has teamed up with the e-commerce giant Flipkart to sell the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus in India, where these mobile devices came out last October. Apple does not yet have a license to sell products directly to Indian customers and this has prompted consumers to go through third-party merchants to get their hands on the company’s flagship models. Apple’s iPhone currently accounts for less than 2% of smartphone sales in India.

Apple could launch the iPhone 7s, 7s Plus and a Ferrari model in 2017!

According to a report from China, Apple plans to unveil three new iPhone models next year. The models in question are designed as D20, D21 and D22 and the first two of them will probably bear the names of iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus. As for the 3rd model, more and more rumors claim that it will be a high-end model sporting an all-glass design and no side edges that will have an OLED display. In addition, this mobile device is supposed to have a ‘home’ button that will be incorporated, as well as a wireless recharge, in addition to other new features (using iPhone technology). Apparently this model carries the name in-house of Ferrari and this gives us an idea of ​​the type of model to which we will be entitled.

Also, internal sources claim that the circuit board of this iPhone will be divided into two parts that will be connected to a flat cable. The first part will include the essential ‘hardware’ such as the A11 processor and the NAND flash storage, while the second part will house the cellular components. In addition to this, the SIM card holder should be placed at the bottom of this unit as this will create additional space for other internal components. This is an idea that was borrowed from the iPad Pro.

This is not the first time we have heard of these kinds of rumors, so there’s a good chance to get iPhone 7, please visit We will know much more in the months to come.

Mafia Wars Game Guide – How to be the very best Player in the overall game & Dominate Other Players Now!

Looking for the best game guide for Mafia Wars? Want to understand how you may become one of the very most well known and powerful players in the overall game? Be sure you now read this article. In this specific article, you will learn some of the best guidelines and tricks for Mafia War.

Mafia Wars has been performed online on multiple websites by more than 15 million gamers each and every month. If you’re seriously interested in becoming one of the better players in the overall game, you shall have to have a good system that will help you to do so.

1. ESTABLISHING Your Team of Mafia

It is rather important to truly have a strong mafia to lower back you up. You can expect to face many opposition from other mafia gamers which is why you have to guard your own businesses and properties. Besides that, if your team is small and little, there is absolutely no way you will gain against other players in battles.

2. Leveling Up Quicker

The main element to leveling up fast is by completely using the energy packages and the replenishment that you will get after leveling up. Besides that, it’s also advisable to do jobs that provide you the most experience items granted per energy point used. Do some computations and discover which jobs enable you to level up quickly.

3. Cash Technology Secrets

Money is one of the main things in the overall game that you need to have to be able to earn at the overall game. Money is necessary for the purchase of several items, weapons and equipments.

The simplest way to get started on making more money is by doing careers that pay well. Once you’ve sufficient money, continue reinvesting the money in businesses and properties which means that your money works hard for you. When this technique is repeated by you multiple times, you will soon have a sizable cash creating empire.

4. The Definitive Guide to Rare and Powerful Items

You’ll be given with good or great items for concluding careers arbitrarily. For the intended purpose of powering up your mafia’s strength, I would recommend doing the jobs that provide you the best attacking weapons. Another way to get powerful weapons is by winning against your competitors in fights. The things randomly comes as a loot, but this is actually the surest way to grab yourself listed in the Hit List.

You might have always considered how these other players can build-up Godfather tips and develop their mafias so fast. I used to ask yourself a similar thing. I thought, “What, do this business involve some God-given mafia management skills?” “Are they constantly frustrating their friends by mailing out a million invites?” “What exactly are they doing?” Utilizing the tips you have discovered in this specific article just, you now stand an improved chance of winning and dominating the game.

Clash Royale Gems Generator Online

Looking for a Clash Royale Gems Generator? Clash Royale lovers like you will love this! Read on to find out how effective it will be for the game.

Imagine you are a gamer and you want to achieve a high position in Clash Royale. Then this hack is something you definitely need. If you’re at a point ends up in the game where you have a big demand for gold, elixir and gems. You can not go without them. You’ve come to the right place! You then need the generator to deliver your free gems on end. There are many generators available online today. But they are not all good! Since you have chosen us, we assure you that you’ve come to the right place. You can thousands of gems and coins on your account with this tool.

The coins and gems will help you to turn into a top player with the best cards and thus can increase very easy in the rankings.

Click on the button down to get access to the generator. Enjoy unlimited free Gems Clash Royale.

Why would you use this generator?

Clash Royale fanatics will say that there is nothing in the game that you will not like it. Supercell also increases the number of cards here. So you can never experienced stagnation in your tickets pot.

However, sometimes users may still experience problems with the game. Earning Clash Royale gold and elixir can take a long time. Not all players have the necessary patience to build this. What they do is buy it with real money instead. This option is for everyone please visit to This is the reason it made. It helps the players get what they want.

Our generator helps you get the resources you need. Here are the different types of resources provides these tools:

  1. Clash Royale free gold: You need gold to look for multi-player battles. It is also necessary to spend on tickets.
  2. Clash Royale free elixir: Use to put troops, buildings and troops.
  3. Clash Royale free gems: This is the premium value of the game. You can use this to spleen-free boxes. Buy Gold and play every type of job freely.

By obtaining these funds, these will be added to your Clash Royale account. You can thus upgrade your units and buildings as expected.

More informative about Clash Royale:

Clash Royale is the same genre as Clash of Clans and give you a similar experience. It is a card game. The map atmosphere is actually a real-time strategy unit. The advantage of this game is that you do not need knowledge of card games, MOBAS or RTS. You get a choice of 8 cards of 12 to build a deck. To be successful in the game you have to arrange items as soon as possible. Upgrading a card ensures that you get a King Level. If you get more cards, the game also more complicated. The basis of the degenerate trophies determine your rank. Want Clash Royale Free Gems? Keep reading!

Xbox 360 4GB Review – Free Fun for everybody

The Xbox 360 4GB is a trim version. With only 4GB, most players may feel that from the bad choice. However, that’s not the circumstance. Xbox allows game saves, installs and downloading to USB adobe flash drives. You may still enjoy regardless of the small memory. Along with the fun that everyone could easily get from the Xbox 360 4GB, it is safe to state that it’s value for money for $200. This is a short review upon this console system.

Xbox 360 4GB Review: Build and Design

This gaming system system is thin. It has part vents that prevent overheating. It includes a digital sound dock, which helps if you are using another surround sound.

When there is a downside of the slimness or size of the Xbox 360 4GB, it is the compatibility issues. You can not use old Xbox hard disks that you found in heavy Xbox models since they are not appropriate for the Xbox 360 4GB.
The button for beginning the disc holder is not frustrated and may feel just like too sensitive.

Xbox 360 Review: Features

The Xbox 360 slim includes a 46b flash ram. A couple of five USB jacks three which are at the trunk. These help especially that saving games into USB flash drives is strongly suggested and preferred by lots of users.

They have several features that the old Xbox models don’t possess. First, a Valhalla is possessed because of it chip. It isn’t the best since there is the Jasper chip but it still much better than others since it prevents some technical problems or better known as RRoD. Second, the Xbox 360 4GB runs on the new Wi-Fi, the Wi-Fi N. it is a lot faster than others. You shall need the right router to take pleasure from the better swiftness.

When you have been using PS3, you might feel that the manufacturer lacks effort about the graphics on the Xbox 360 4GB. However, the difference is not of any great extent.

The PS3’s better design arrives mainly on its better cpu but the Xbox 360 4GB is way better as it pertains to multiplayer game titles.


The Xbox 360 4g is lean. However, its size managed to get incompatible with old hard disks. There are area vents to avoid overheating and it includes several USB plug-ins which can be convenient for conserving games. It includes a fresh chip which is preferable to others but nonetheless not the best. It uses the new Wi-Fi N which is faster also.

Mobile Strike Tips 2017 iOS & Android

Mobile Strike is a very popular game currently on the mobile market and tables. Many people have contacted us and asked for a Mobile Strike tips 2017, so in this tutorial we will teach you how to use a Hack Mobile Strike 2017 and become a better player. Mobile Strike is available on devices running Android or iOS. Therefore, our Free Mobile Strike Free was also designed to work with both versions of the Android and iOS game. Also, the Mobile Strike tips does not require unlocking your phone or rooting it, it works with any normal device, which is better than any other Hack Mobile Strike 2017.

To become one of the best Mobile Strike players, you need a lot of time and patience. Most people do not have as much time so we help you acquire the resources and upgrade your characters and cities in the game with the Free Mobile Strike Free Trial 2017. The Hack Mobile Strike is very simple to use and does not require No programming skills. We have made a simple GUI that anyone can understand and use.

The Mobile Strike tips 2017 is also very fast because we used new technologies to create the tool. We also use various feats for different games to add resources, which makes the Mobile Strike Piracy one of the best software. We also use external files, such as DLL files to perform some of the tasks that are required for Mobile Strike Hack 2017 to work.

By using the Free Mobile Strike Free, you will stay safe and you will never be banned. We’ve developed a lot of hacks for different games and not once have we received a complaint about someone we’ve banned. The Mobile Strike Cheat 2017 is also virus-free and tested with almost all existing anti-virus software nowadays. We provide the best service for our visitors and we would NEVER have any viruses in our software. Thus, we recommend that you download directly from our website to avoid any problems in the future.

We also regularly update if something is fixed / broken, so if you have an alert in the software indicating that you have an older version, make sure to download the latest version for better experiences. You can read more about the features and instructions below. The download is also available FREE OF mobilestrikehack!