Should I buy YouTube subscribers? Experiences with purchased subscriptions and views

YouTube subscribers buy, or rather not?

Before you decide to spend money on YouTube subscribers or views, you should consider what you want to achieve with your YouTube channel.

If you want to build a successful channel in the long term, you can regret the purchase of clicks and subscriptions.

Because think about where the purchased calls and subscribers come from:

Let’s take a look You find a half-serious provider, with real people behind the purchased calls and subscriptions.

That is, You’re making money for strangers who are completely coincidentally spoiled to open your videos and subscribe to your channel.

How much do you estimate the probability that these viewers have a real interest in your video? Right, they have pretty exactly zero interest in the content of your videos! But what is much worse …
If you want to buy YouTube subscribers, you will damage your long-term channel

The result is that there is no real commitment to your videos. So you do not get any comments, Likes and viewer loyalty from the purchased subscriptions.

But these are the factors that YouTube’s algorithm looks like to evaluate the quality of your videos and your YouTube channel.

For YouTube, your channel looks like this:

Your videos are bad, because many viewers hardly anyone watch your video for more than a few seconds. Comments and Likes there are in relation to your subscriptions much too few. Your videos are not relevant to your target group.

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