This works the customization of weapons and classes in Mass Effect Andromeda


With Mass Effect Andromeda 13 days after its departure, there are few things that remain unannounced by Bioware. We have known for some months that the classes would be open, that is: we will not choose one at the beginning of the game and we will stay there without possibility of change.

But also, thanks to the introductory videos to the Andromeda Initiative, we know perfectly how the weapons will be personalized and how the different abilities will work. The complete pack is promised very interesting, giving the player a lot of freedom and the ability to start over if he has gotten an undesirable mix.

Customizable weapons

According to the introduction video, the Initiative carries few weapons because there is not much space. In return, they are enormously customizable so we can play with the resources we have and get very different weapons from each other, even if they are the same. However, throughout the game we will get more weapons that we can also customize.

We will have four types of firearms: guns, shotguns, assault rifles and sniper rifles. We lost the submachine guns, which worked so well in Mass Effect 3, but in return we won several melee weapons. In addition to having the biotic blade, a classic, we have a sword with air to katana (surely the favorite of many) of command asari, and a hammer krogan.

Each weapon can be customized with accessories, but unlike other Mass Effect. We can add types of ammunition (more than before) or grenade launchers. Instead of the classic menu to activate during the combat different ammunition, now we will create much more personalized profiles and that also we will be able to change in combat.

Unlimited and with open classes

On the other hand, something that will greatly enrich the game and exponentially increase the replayability is that there are no closed classes. We do not have to choose one at the beginning of the game and we can go buying skills from different branches. However, as we advance buying skills we will have access to those profiles of classes, but it will be our own future that leads us to it.

According to the developers, it is not unreasonable to get skill points for all abilities and create a supreme character, however, it would take a difficult amount of time to calculate. We can also spend a number of credits in redistributing all our skill points, as we may not like the way we have taken, or we want to try different things.

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