The 5 best tricks for SimCity BuildIt, the best simulator for building cities.

SimCity BuildIt Tips

None of the building simulators on the market can be compared to the predecessor and parent of all. In this game you are the mayor of your metropolis and responsible for making sure that your city flourishes and its citizens are happy. The SimCity Simulator has existed since 1989.

Several versions and by-products (spin-offs) have continued the legacy that introduced the franchise for several generations of players. SimCity BuildIT is another byproduct of the popular game series from Electronic Arts that lets you completely control a whole city.

Unlike other deliveries for PCs and consoles, this game was created specifically for iOS and Android devices. Take your metropolis with you, wherever you go. Although the overall goal of the simulator remains the same, its gameplay has been adapted for mobile devices.

In SimCity BuildIT, you’re the mayor of a giant metropolis. Well, you will be if you act wisely. At the beginning of this game for mobile devices, there is a giant, empty map waiting to be covered with buildings. You can create different types of zones: industrial, residential and commercial. Carefully choose how big each area is so that there is a balance and you can establish a city that thrives. A city is only successful if its citizens are happy.

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This game is a “version” inspired by the well-known SimCity that came out for PC enough years ago.

As many readers know we can download free AppStore and Google Play although we can make purchases within the game itself to get improvements or products, or simply to progress faster.

These tricks I use daily, and they work, so here they go, be attentive mayors:

1. When building the houses at the beginning of the game, follow a regular and compact structure. A structure that works for me is to draw an area of 8×8: 4 houses in vertical and 4 horizontal, with a park, a fire station, a police and a hospital in the center.

Concentrate on building blocks of houses completely, instead of scattering new homes across the available map area. They will save to spend objects to extend the land that they really will not need, and also in services of firemen, policemen and hospitals.

Following this structure, it is easy to have the population to 100% happiness.

2. If you want to save “Simoleones”, one option is to sell products that you do not need or that are in excess in the international market: the products needed to expand the land, or those needed to expand the warehouse are the most sought after. But keep in mind that these products can not manufacture them, so it is better to sell products that can make you; Pizzas, hamburgers, etc …

3. Another option to win “Simoleones” is to buy cheap and sell expensive. In the market you can find products at a reduced price that can be resold at a maximum price. This also applies to the products you can buy from the city of “Daniel” as it sells them below their maximum price.

4. Another option to save many “Simoleones” is not to improve the roads. It really is not necessary for the running of the game. As soon as they have a red road due to traffic, they can destroy the road and rebuild it again by using thisĀ simcity buildit cheats tool and the traffic alert will disappear.

5. If they have two tablets (or a mobile and a tablet), they can have two games with a different city in each of the devices, and can be made friends with each other among the mayors of each city. In this way, they will have advantages when selling and buying products between the two cities.

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