Xbox 360 4GB Review – Free Fun for everybody

The Xbox 360 4GB is a trim version. With only 4GB, most players may feel that from the bad choice. However, that’s not the circumstance. Xbox allows game saves, installs and downloading to USB adobe flash drives. You may still enjoy regardless of the small memory. Along with the fun that everyone could easily get from the Xbox 360 4GB, it is safe to state that it’s value for money for $200. This is a short review upon this console system.

Xbox 360 4GB Review: Build and Design

This gaming system system is thin. It has part vents that prevent overheating. It includes a digital sound dock, which helps if you are using another surround sound.

When there is a downside of the slimness or size of the Xbox 360 4GB, it is the compatibility issues. You can not use old Xbox hard disks that you found in heavy Xbox models since they are not appropriate for the Xbox 360 4GB.
The button for beginning the disc holder is not frustrated and may feel just like too sensitive.

Xbox 360 Review: Features

The Xbox 360 slim includes a 46b flash ram. A couple of five USB jacks three which are at the trunk. These help especially that saving games into USB flash drives is strongly suggested and preferred by lots of users.

They have several features that the old Xbox models don’t possess. First, a Valhalla is possessed because of it chip. It isn’t the best since there is the Jasper chip but it still much better than others since it prevents some technical problems or better known as RRoD. Second, the Xbox 360 4GB runs on the new Wi-Fi, the Wi-Fi N. it is a lot faster than others. You shall need the right router to take pleasure from the better swiftness.

When you have been using PS3, you might feel that the manufacturer lacks effort about the graphics on the Xbox 360 4GB. However, the difference is not of any great extent.

The PS3’s better design arrives mainly on its better cpu but the Xbox 360 4GB is way better as it pertains to multiplayer game titles.


The Xbox 360 4g is lean. However, its size managed to get incompatible with old hard disks. There are area vents to avoid overheating and it includes several USB plug-ins which can be convenient for conserving games. It includes a fresh chip which is preferable to others but nonetheless not the best. It uses the new Wi-Fi N which is faster also.

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