Super Mario Run Review

Nintendo has discovered the smartphone! It took a while, but the releases increasingly rapid succession. Was there early this year the hype surrounding Miitomo later this hype was repeatedly surpassed by the release of Pokémon GO. The latter is not a game from Nintendo itself, but as a major shareholder of The Pokémon Company, the potential for a Mario game should definitely be felt. Super Mario Run has become the Mario game. You assume the role of the Italian plumber and you have stylish run for your life. How addictive it can be, we already know from games like Rayman Jungle Run, but convincing Mario on the smartphone and the game requested 10 euros worth?

Addicting Super Mario Run for sure. In known Mario levels that you can not do much more than tapping the screen. The longer you hold your finger on the screen, the further jumps Mario. This feels exactly like you are used to from other Mario games. Mario completely self-run and do you go through six worlds, each with four levels. The 24 levels are recognizable to the fans. You start in green levels, and will soon enter the air or under the ground or in haunted houses. Worlds are concluded with a ship or a castle, and Bowser or Boom Boom wait for you. The 24 levels are pretty quick to go through, because the challenge is (almost) never to go through the level. are five coins of a certain color in each level. The first five are pink, which sometimes are quite difficult to collect. Then follow five purple and green five coins. These are extremely challenging to achieve, and this can be quite frustrating at times. That is inherent in this genre, because I had the Rayman games certainly.

The bravest choice of Nintendo had to make vertical game. You have your phone not to turn the width to play the game. This is a very strong decision by Nintendo, because you can play the game anywhere easily. It makes the game more vertical in gameplay, which works fine.

More than just racing
When you’re done with the game world, you can still get started with your own village. By playing regular levels you get coins and race tickets, which you can use for so-called races. Here you go up against other players. By running as stylish as possible (many wall jumps, double jumps, defeating enemies, etc.) you can earn coins in levels and who deserves the most coins wins the level. You will be rewarded with coins yourself and your opponent (which you really lose if you lose), and with different colors Toads. This can be used both to expand your village. You can buy in a store several buildings and decorations, all in the style of Mario. Think of colored mountains, mushrooms, fences, trees and flowers. In terms of buildings you can build houses for different colors Toads, pipes, and currently even temporarily a Christmas tree. For some buildings, you have a minimum number Toads need of a particular color Toad and this game features a level system. The higher your level, the larger the castle is in your village. It’s a great system that is not very deep, but it brings variation at all.

Nintendo asks for 10 euros Super Mario Run is not crazy, the Mario brand stands for quality and is definitely needed. Still, the number of 24 levels somewhat meager, especially for people who want to unlock anything, but simply want to go through the levels. In that case, you’re better off with a regular Mario game. Like unlocking different things great and you love the (sometimes frustrating) gameplay of collecting colored coins, then Super Mario Run a good first Nintendo platformer for mobile devices.

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