Strategy for Battle decks in Clash Royale – Arena 6 and 7

Clash Royale - Arena 6 and 7

This time we bring you a winning deck for people who want to raise drinks at Arena 7 in Clash Royale. This deck is for people who are in +2000 cups, they are high cups and we speak of bigger words inside the game, since nobody likes to lose cups in this arena and what we want is a strong deck with which to feel comfortable going up Cups, so this deck is sure to please you.

Battle Deck for Arena 6 and 7

  • Valkyrie: This is one of the least used cards in Clash Royale and also one of the most underrated. The Valkyrie is a troop with a lot of life and a good attack that will crush all the troops that are around it.
  • Goblins: These goblins are going to come us very well in defense but against troops that do not have splash damage, since they could finish them at the same time.
  • Cannon: This defensive building has a very high damage and firing rate, so it will help us both distract and destroy enemy cards. His only fault is that he will not shoot air troops.
  • Ice: This letter will be used both in defense and attack. In attack will help us with the mountaineer to finish the tower and in defense will freeze your cards while our defenses and cards end with them.
  • Arrows: One of the best defensive cards that will help us to end this annoying and deadly horde of henchmen or stop people who are fond of putting a lot of booths.
  • Rocket: This card does a lot of damage to the tower of crowns, so from time to time we can go releasing a few rockets from time to time. But much more damage does to his letters so he can be a lifesaver in case of seeing us in a hurry. We will have to take into account that it is a letter that will cost us 6 of elixir.
  • Musketeers: This card is very good for defending yourself from aerial troops like the balloon or the dragon apart from the great damage that you can get to make the enemy tower as the focus.
  • Hog Rider: Once again this will be the letter that carries the singing voice inside the offensive of our deck. Defending it well and releasing it at the right time can lead to real havoc.

Battle in Clash Royale

This is a very balanced deck, that is to say the troops that we use to defend the ones we can use to attack when they are already defended. The first thing we have to do is release the barrel right in the middle of the field if it has not left first to keep our backs a little. If we have not left we will release troops like the musketeer behind the towers to make time to see that we loose the rival.

In case the rival releases us troops with a lot of life and behind the troops that will do us more damage, what we can do is with the musketeer shoot the letter that will tank the others and just when the giant, golem …, We will release our valkyrie behind the giant so that it ends the troops that come behind. In case we are in a hurry we can always let go of the ice and be able to finish them off quietly.

At the time of making our offense we will have two ways to do it depending on how our opponent is defended, if our opponent does not have any additional defensive building (tesla, cannon, …) the strategy will be simple, we release our mountaineer and optionally the goblins so that Arrive at the tower and just when they are arriving and let us release the troops to defend itself is when we freeze both the tower and the troops.

It is important that we try to hurry as much as possible to do more damage to the tower, but without going through it will not be the first time we release the ice and just kill us the mountaineer.

In the event that the enemy has any defensive card, the strategy ice mountaineer will not serve us much, since the mountaineer will deviate and will not do much. First we will have to end this extra defense by using the great clash royale hack tool so that our pig does not deviate or a more fun option is while we defend ourselves to try not to lose any troop and when we finish defending ourselves to launch an offensive that would consist of the musketeer and valkyrie (the ones we have used for Defend ourselves), and once they have passed these letters we will always release the mountaineer behind the valkyrie followed by the elves and the musketeer. When all the troops in the enemy camp are freezing and at least we can give some blows to the tower with our mountaineer.

If we have done well the strategy of mountaineering we will only have to leave the tower to 400, with that we will be satisfied since we can throw it with the rocket. We will only worry about defending ourselves well and when there are 4 seconds or less we will throw the rocket and our rival will not have time to react and we will win the game.

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