Battlefront: the most important changes coming with the patch of Rogue One Scarif

Battlefront Rogue One Scarif

As usual with every Star Wars Battlefront DLC, DICE launches a patch for all players, whether or not they have the season pass, whether or not the DLC is purchased separately. Therefore, this December 6 (tomorrow), all users of Battlefront, from all platforms, will receive a patch that will change different aspects of the game.

On this occasion, with the departure of Rogue One, in addition to new weapons and modes, DICE has focused on listening to the community, something that has been doing lately, to leave Battlefront adequate to the expectations of users until the exit of Battlefront 2 Here are the three most important changes that this patch will bring.

Change Yes, but with delay

Bespin’s star charts were among the most criticized by the community. They are very fucked when the sufferers and the users of the base game were discontented, with a clear feeling of inferiority in front of the users who had paid more. The shock grenade, another great hated, was already retouched and it was logical that, sooner or later, it was the turn to Alteration.

What they have done is very simple. Now, when we activate the star card, we will emit a recognizable sound for the enemies, who can run away to avoid receiving the effect of the card, because it will take about a second and peak to activate. It may seem to be too much, but the overall feeling is that it still makes sense to equip it, but the wearer no longer looks like an almighty god.

Difficult secondary firings

Battlefront star death weapons

Another of the novelties, in this case, Death Star, were the weapons with secondary shots. And yes, they have also annoyed users a lot without a season pass. For starters, these secondary shots do a lot of damage to heroes and vehicles, and it is something that is almost completely corrected.

The problem comes when those secondary shots sow chaos and terror among the enemy ranks. To balance this, DICE has made that whenever you use the secondary firing of one of these weapons, you have the minimum space to cool it, so it will be very difficult to use this shot a lot. And we are going to think twice before going throwing deadly balls.

All actions increase your trait

Battlefront modes game level up

From tomorrow, everything you do on the battlefield will count to raise your trait. Until now they only counted the eliminations, something that impelled many players to become true assassins whose only objective in the games was to kill, leaving aside the objectives.

Now everything counts; From assistance to the achievement of all types of objectives. In this way, DICE rewards team play, something that did not happen in a team game. Something completely absurd that arrives late, but at least it arrives and gives us clear indications as to where the shots will go in Battlefront 2.

It is the best thing DICE could do, because, in addition to promoting team play, it makes all players, from those who are better at killing to those who focus on supporting their teammates, can reach level three of the trait without problems . All players must be rewarded for their good deeds.

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